On October 14th, Rings Of Saturn will drop their new album Lugal Ki En in stores via Unique Leader Records. The expanded artwork will be done by Mark Cooper of Mind Rape Art.

Guitarist Lucas Mann says about the album title: “The concept of the album in a nutshell is that long after the aliens conquer humanity, they evolve to a point where they transcend space, time and reality to take their conquest into the realm of the gods where they wage war on angels and demons. The album title Lugal Ki En translates from ancient Sumerian cuneiform to mean ‘King Of The Earthlings, Lord Of The Cosmic World.’ The Sumerian cuneiform is visible behind the English pronunciation of the album title.”

Lugal Ki En Track Listing:
01. Senseless Massacre
02. Desolate Paradise
03. Lalassu Xul
04. Infused (feat. Rusty Cooley of Day Of Reckoning)
05. Fractal Intake
06. Natural Selection
07. Beckon
08. Godless Times
09. Unsympathetic Intellect
10. Eviscerate
11. The Heavens Have Fallen
12. No Pity For A Coward (Suicide Silence cover)