If you know the history of Cult Of Luna, you will know that the band originated from the remnants of hardcore act Eclipse. Seems frontman, Johannes Persson, has decided to go back to those roots with his new band dubbed Riwen. Says Johannes: “This is my new band. We are called Riwen and will be releasing a 3 song 10″ this fall and hopefully record an album before the end of the year. Musically it is pretty far from Cult Of Luna but some of you might like it anyway.

Last fall I decided to write 14 songs in 14 days in the vein of music that I grew up to and was the influence when I learned to write music about 20 years ago. Think early 90:s hardcore like Integrity, Judge, Damnation AD, Battery, Amce and onward in that fashion.

On the 10″ it is me, Fredrik that used to sing in Totalt Jävla Mörker and Christan that is still active in that band but that also has been working as a touring drummer for Cult of Luna for the last couple of years. Since the recording we have added two new members so soon we will be ready to hit the stage.

It’s is simple, it is ugly and it is fast…”