Sinch’s ocular noise machine and viditar player, Jay Smith, has been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Read the bands statement on their plans to raise awareness/funds for the disease: “As you may know, earlier this year our friend and bandmate Jay Smith was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

ALS is a misunderstood and grossly underfunded disease that remains untreatable, not because some of the best doctors and researchers in the world aren’t working on it, but because there isn’t enough awareness or funds for the research needed to find a cure. The sad fact is that all doctors agree with more funding we could have a cure and save the lives of people dying with the disease, like Jay is.

We’ve been pretty much inactive as a band since 2012 when we released our fan-funded album “Hive Mind” but if there’s any reason for us to get the band back together on the same stage, this is it. And we’re hoping you can help.

We’re hoping to put together a show in the Philadelphia area as part of “90 Days for a Cure”, the first campaign being run by Jay’s very own 90 Foundation to raise money and awareness for the fight against ALS. We’re still in the planning stages but are looking to get something together quickly as the 90 Days for a Cure started on July 15 and goes through Oct 15. We’re still looking for bands that are interested in joining us through our own network of contacts, but we can use all the help we can get, so if you have any contacts with established acts please send them our way or forward this email to them and ask them to get in touch.

We’re planning this show for the Philadelphia area but events will be scheduled in other cities as well. If you’re interested in finding out how to organize a show in your area, let us know.

Also, for the foreseeable future, ALL PROCEEDS from sales of our music and merch will be going to the 90 Foundation, so one of the easiest ways to help is to buy something from our online store. We’re also going to be auctioning off some unique items and doing anything else we can to raise money for this campaign.

If you think there’s anything you can do to help, please get in touch.”