Rating: 7/10

When I first gazed upon Under Aspect’s cover art for The Things You Should Not See, my thoughts were on a gothic project like Marilyn Manson or H.I.M. However, when I actually heard the album I was stunned to hear some killer post-hardcore tunes. The CD consists of 8 tracks that are heavy yet melodic. Instrumentals are heavy with a few hard hitting breakdowns while the vocals switch between shouting and mellow singing.

The Things You Should Not See is a modern day post-hardcore album that will get younger metal fans headbanging and swinging their arms. Under Aspect are an independent band so hopefully they will be able to tour on this disc, spreading the sound of good post-hardcore.

Track Listing:
01. Yesterday’s Prayers
02. The Sad Kin
03. Broken Family
04. What Does It Mean?
05. Cuddling Towards Rat Poison
06. Child’s Play (Diggin Gold)
07. Common Illusion
08. Guilty

Run Time: 28:00
Release Date: February 4, 2014

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For Fans Of: Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, The Autumn Offering
Reviewd By: CheeK