Iron Maiden and BMG/Ingrooves Music Group have teamed up to release the first 8 Maiden albums on 180-ram black vinyl. Not only that but, all the singles from those albums will be released o 7″. See the release schedule below.

October 14th, 2014:
Iron Maiden (limited edition collector’s box)
Killers (limited edition collector’s box)
The Number Of The Beast (limited edition collector’s box)

Running Free b/w Burning Ambition
Sanctuary b/w Drifter (Live) and I’ve Got The Fire (Live)
Women In Uniform b/w Invasion
Twilight Zone/Wrathchild double A side
Purgatory b/w Genghis Khan
Run To The Hills b/w Total Eclipse
The Number Of The Beast b/w Remember Tomorrow (Live)

October 28th, 2014:
Piece Of Mind
Live After Death

Flight Of Icarus b/w I’ve Got The Fire
The Trooper b/w Cross-Eyed Mary
2 Minutes To Midnight b/w Rainbow’s Gold
Aces High b/w King Of Twilight
Running Free (Live) b/w Sanctuary (Live)
Run To The Hills (Live) b/w Phantom Of The Opera (Live)

November 25th, 2014:
Somewhere In Time
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

Wasted Years b/w Reach Out
Stranger In A Strange Land b/w That Girl
Can I Play With Madness b/w Black Bart Blues
The Evil That Men Do b/w Prowler ’88
The Clairvoyant b/w The Prisoner (Live)
Infinite Dreams (Live) b/w Killers (Live)