Rating: 9/10
From Perth, ON death metal band, A Scar For The Wicked, released their EP The Necrobutcher Aug 8 at their Ottawa, ON show with Whitechapel, Stick To Your Guns, Sworn In and more. Sadly I wasn’t at the show but, I did receive a copy of their EP in the mail.

The Necrobutcher contains 5 ‘in your face’ death metal tracks that embodies heavy instrumentals, a limitless number of double kicks and deadly (low/high) growls. While listening to the album there is no break from the brutality of A Scar For The Wicked until the solos on “The Blood Ritual” which sounds like something Oli Herbert (All That Remains) would of written.

Overall, The Necrobutcher absolutely blew my ears with how well written these songs are. Hopefully we will see a future for A Scar For The Wicked in the death metal world.

Track Listing:
01. Silence Vile Temptress
02. Within The Rot
03. Surrounded By Giants
04. The Necrobutcher
05. The Blood Ritual
Run Time: 18:00
Release Date: Aug 8, 2014

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For Fans Of: Whitechapel, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, All Shall Perish, Origin
Review By: CheeK