Rating: 9.6/10
Company: HBO
Date: March 19, 2002
Format: DVD
Imagine spending your days locked up in a prison where you see the same sadistic people 24/7. Welcome to Oswald State Correctional Facility or Oz in short. The fictional level 4 maximum-security prison houses many of the state’s most dangerous criminals. As the famed movie The Wizard Of Oz says, “There’s no place like home”, the inmates also feel that “IT’S no place like home”. As viewers we encounter Emerald City, a part of Oz, run by Tim McManus who pushes for rehabilitation/ learning responsibility, rather than carrying out purely punitive measures.

Oz: The Complete First Season contains the first 8 episodes of the series. This season focuses on topics such as drugs (tits), sex, violence, gangs, routines and other issues the inmates face while serving their time. An aspect I found enjoyable is the lack of boundaries the show has as they allow racial slurs, nudity, drug use, and attacks to be viewed on screen giving the show a more realistic vision. An interesting twist is there are no main characters. Everyone has an important role in the grand scheme of the plot. Characters you thought were important can be killed off at any moment giving the viewers a taste of prison life reality. The wide array of inmates helps keep tension high as the various inmates and guards relate to one another. It will feel like you are meeting a new inmate every day.

Even with Oz being a fictional prison, it definitely demonstrates an element of truth pertaining to the correctional system. Maybe everyone should watch this as a motivation for conforming to the rules of the law.

Episodes: 8

For Fans Of: The Sopranos, The Shield, Six Feet Under
Reviewed By: CheeK
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