Rating: 7/10
Remember when rock music use to have some balls? Bands such as Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, and Filter ruled the music scene paving the way for future rock acts. Sadly, the acts of today have decided to clean up and become wusses (Imagine Dragons, The Black Keys, Hot Chelle Rae .etc). One group from Quebec has decided to roll in dirt…

Dirtcake has figured out the ingredients needed to recreate the lost sound of Rock n’ Roll. Ingredients are: distorted guitars, tight bass, catchy drum beats and loud vocals. The mixology is simple but, collectively it makes unclean rock music that can be found on Dirtcake’s self-titled album. I highly suggest everyone check out this disc for some 90s nostalgia.

Track Listing:
01. In Writing
02. Just4Fun
03. Walking The Land
04. Brass Knuckles
05. Dirty Blues
06. Magnum
07. The Days We Fight
08. Bridgett In Mono
09. Drive
10. Aka No Joo

Run Time: 41:00
Release Date: November 13, 2013

Dirtcake: Band Page
For Fans Of: Eagle Tears, Monster Truck, Diemonds
Reviewed By: CheeK