All Else Fails long time bassist Seedy Mitchell has announced his departure. He will be performing his last show with AEF on Dec 5 in Edmonton at the Rendez Vous Pub. After this show, they will be looking for a new bassist. Says Seedy: “A Eulogy, to whoever gives a shit,

This message is to set the record straight and quell speculation surrounding my departure from All Else Fails. First and foremost, I love this band. I love my band brothers, I love the management and I love the fans. You will always be my family and I hope there are no hard feelings, aside from my causing disappointment, between us. There has never been anything but honesty and heart within the band, within the band’s music and in the decision making so with respect, I’m going to lay it all out there.

For a long time I’ve been at war in my mind because the people involved in this project mean so much to me, but the fact is, I’ve lost my passion and desire to pursue music in this capacity, and I’m retiring from the idea. A negative and soulless outlook from anyone in a band reverberates throughout the entire project and will inevitably bring it down. For a long time I’ve felt like a boxed artist, a painter making prints, and I feel like I’ve been too busy being in a band to do what’s right for me, and that’s simply writing and recording. Expel the demons and move on. To me, the rest seems trivial and just slows that process down. Having said that, an artist never quits, so keep your ears open. You can expect music from two sources now, and in the meantime, I’ll be standing next to you in the crowd, as an AEF fan.

With utmost respect,
And with endless gratitude,
Thanks for all the beer.

Seedy Mitchell”

Frontman Barrett Klesko on Mitchell’s departure: “Life goes on and so does All Else Fails. Obviously we would have loved to continue with Mitch as our bassist, but he has to follow his own path, and we all respect that. Besides, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that this isn’t the last you have heard of him with us. Meanwhile, we have been writing our next album (which is sounding rad already!) and will not be slowing down at all while we search for our new member. We will be playing live with a fill in bassist until the spot is permanently filled.”

Show Date:
12/5 – Edmonton AB – Rendezvous Pub (w/ Tyrant, Until Dawn)