Canadian rockers Three Days Grace celebrate today that their single “I Am Machine,” has just topped the Active Rock radio chart at #1. This is their 13th #1, breaking their own record for having the most #1’s at the format, and is their 5th consecutive #1. The band also reveals the title – Human – for their forthcoming album due out March 31st on RCA.

Comments Neil Sanderson about their new single: “Sonically, we wanted to create a ‘machine-like’ sound in parts of the song. We were inspired by the images from the opening scene of Tim Burton’s ‘Edward Scissorhands’… relentless machines turning and churning, never ceasing to operate. Lyrically the song is about how sometimes you feel like you are in an endless routine and cannot escape. Every day seems the same. No freedom from the vicious cycle that your life can sometimes become… no control, you begin to feel numb to the world around you, as you yearn to just feel anything, any emotion.”