Rating: 7/10
Label: 604 Records
In the far, far away land of British Columbia, Canada, there once was a group of boys (Ian Casselman, Mike Ayley, Matt Webb, and Josh Ramsay) who came together to create music under the moniker Marianas Trench. Every time they released new music, boys and girls everywhere listened with joy as MT took them on a musical journey. In 2011 Ever After was released and brought with it the highly popular singles “Haven’t Had Enough” and “Fallout”.

Matt Webb was nice enough to comment on the disc’s concept for PureGrain: “Ever After takes the listener on a journey from daily life to inside an enchanted world and helps them back home again at the end. Its designed to be listened to from start to finish.”

Yet again Marianas Trench successfully created a fun album full of their own brand of poppy rock tunes; but this time with a small twist. The group played with their sound and the guitars took on an electronic tone pushing the band more towards a conventional pop sound.

Much like their previous album, Masterpiece Theater, Ever After sees Marianas Trench experiment with new ideas. This time they also focus on playing around with voices: “Truth Or Dare” works with low Indian tribal intonation while “B Team” plays with vocal vibrato. The album definitely takes one on a journey away from reality and these new experimental elements help to keep things fresh.

Track Listing:
01. Ever After
02. Haven’t Had Enough
03. By Now
04. Truth Or Dare
05. Desperate Measures
06. Porcelain
07. Fallout
08. Stutter
09. Toy Soldiers
10. B Team
11. So Soon
12. No Place Like Home

Run Time: 54:04
Release Date: November 21, 2011

For Fans Of: Faber Drive, Armchair Cynic, Nickelback
Review By: CheeK
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