Rating: 7/10
Label: Victory Records
During Otep’s recent “Destroy To Create Tour”, they recorded their debut live album Sounds Like Armageddon. This release offers 11 songs spanning the band’s entire career (2001-2012) and includes hits such as “Blood Pigs”, “Confrontation”, “T.R.I.C.”, and many more.

With a high profile live show, Otep gave it everything they got for this particular recording and it shows. With ease, the group recreates their studio album sound, as the heavily distorted instruments and Otep’s voice sound identical in the live setting. Very rarely can musicians reawaken the studio sound in a live environment, but with this disc Otep have.

If Sounds Like Armageddon was thrown on a player, one might guess that it’s a greatest hits album. It even has a mid-disc poetry slam by Otep which gives this live disc the same structure one of their studio efforts would have. All Otep fans should pick up this energy-pumping live album post-haste!

Track Listing:
01. Battle Ready
02. Fillthee
03. Crooked Spoons
04. Blood Pigs
05. Confrontation
06. My Confession
07. Rise Rebel Resist
08. T.R.I.C.
09. Ghostflowers
10. Fists Fall
11. Breed

Run Time: 57:26
Release Date: November 6, 2012

For Fans Of: Kittie, Slipknot, Sinch
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Reviewed By: CheeK
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