It’s sad to hear my favorite Canadian East Coast label Diminished Fifth Records is shutting down. I’ve had the privileged of interviewing/reviewing some of there bands such as Last Call Chernobyl, Orchid’s Curse, Death Valley Driver…etc. Here is the official statement released on the D5R Facebook: “After 9 years of operation, it brings me sadness to announce that Diminished Fifth Records will officially close up shop in Summer 2015. After years of hard work and releasing over 25 albums it has come time for this chapter in my life to end and focus my time and energy on my other musical and non-musical ventures.

My sincere thanks to each and every person who’s helped support the label over the years, from the bands (see full list below), to retailers (special shout-out to CD Heaven!), to the press who have covered our releases (and of course The Coast whose readers voted us the “Best Record Label in Halifax” the last 5 years!), to those who provided album artwork and designed posters, recorded and mixed albums, lined up a shows, the venues which had us, the people which postered, those who worked the door and every other task imaginable to help out, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart! Also a special thanks is owed to Music Nova Scotia, The Halifax Pop Explosion, The East Coast Music Association, Music PEI, Music NB and Music NL for working with and supporting the label and our artists! I appreciate you all more than words can ever express.

And last but certainly not least, the most sincere thanks to all of the metal fans for helping keep a small, niche east coast record label alive this long in a volatile musical climate! Thank you for believing in Diminished Fifth Records and East Coast Metal!

To thank you all for your continued support, we have put all of our titles on sale until we close up shop in June 2015. [CDs = $5 / Digital Downloads = $3]

To purchase (or stream) visit:

– Josh Hogan


DEATH VALLEY DRIVER – Carnivore’s Oath EP [D5R028]
CAVERN / ANTHESIS – Split [D5R027]
DEATH VALLEY DRIVER – Graveyard Dead [D5R026]
PITH – Baptisms Along the Acheron [D5R025]
ORCHID’S CURSE – Words [D5R024]
BLACK MOOR – Lethal Waters [D5R023]
WIZARDS OF KAOS – Wizards of Kaos [D5R021]
PITH – Fore [D5R020]
FAILURE EPICS – Failure Epics [D5R019]
DISCHORD – Casualties of War [D5R018]
DEATH VALLEY DRIVER – Choke the River [D5R016]
ORCHID’S CURSE – Voices: The Tales of Broken Men [D5R015]
VARIOUS ARTISTS – The Music of Artisanship & War: Volume III [D5R014]
LAST CALL CHERNOBYL – Drowning Beneath the Sound of Change [D5R013]
THE.DAISY.ANTHESIS – Surface and the Sky [D5R012]
RUSTED DAWN – The Black Tides of War [D5R011]
THY FLESH CONSUMED – Unrepentant [D5R010]
WE, THE UNDERSIGNED – Bleed the Constants [D5R009]
BLACK MOOR – The Conquering [D5R008]
UIGG – To Punish and Enslave [D5R007]
VARIOUS ARTISTS – The Music of Artisanship & War: Volume II [D5R006]
GALLACTUS – Nine Mile Woods [D5R005]
IRON GIANT – Creator of Scars [D5R004]
DISCHORD – Siege of Darkness [D5R003]
VARIOUS ARTISTS – The Music of Artisanship & War: Volume I [D5R002]
ORCHID’S CURSE – Goodbye is when the Casket Closes [D5R001]”