September 10-12
Cave-In-Rock, IL

Line Up:
Fear Factory, Obituary, Eyehategod, Terrorizer, Valient Thorr, Misery Index, Iron Reagan, Revocation, Warbeast, Broken Hope, M.O.D., Kill The Client, Fulgora, Murder Construct, Nashville Pussy, Cannabis Corpse, Noisem, Inferia, Waco Jesus, Putrid Pile, Starkill, Impaler, Wretchedpain, Rottenness, Cardiac Arrest, Disinter, SOG (Special Ops Group), Wrath, Protest, Headcrusher, Frosthelm, Dead Shore, In Defence, Sexual Atrocities, Deathbed Confession, Legion Of Death, Scalafarea, Sacrificial Slaughter, Sikfuk, Thell Barrio, Drogheda, Black Fast, Carnivora, Final Drive, Framework, Inner Seige, Micawber, Green Death, Tyranny Enthroned, Condition Critical, Splitwig, Created To Kill, Coathanger Abortion, Helmsplitter, Images Of Violence, Infalling, 6 Prong Paw, Dead In 5, Apparition, Xaemora, Death Grip, Testimony, Masticator, Hellbent, Superchief, Kill It Again, The Dr. Orphyus Project, Abstruktor, Voltumna, Get Ignorant, Skinned, Altered Existence, Moistened Disciples, Lust Of Decay, Ton, Asphyxiator