This August/September, Insomnium will be missing their guitarist/vocalist Ville Friman. Filling in will be Sanctuary/ex-Arch Enemy member Nick Cordle. Ville comments: “My sincere apologies for not being able to take part in INSOMNIUM‘s busy touring schedule this year. I’ve tried my best to work my way around work and band and will be doing as many shows as possible. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to take part in this run. But worry not, Nick has kindly accepted to step into my shoes and will be shredding his way to your hearts every night. In the meanwhile, I’ll be concentrating on coming up with new Insomnium tunes. Hope to see you soon in North America.”

Nick comments: ”It’ll be an honor and a pleasure to sit in with Insomnium on this run! They’re an awesome live band and I’ll try to hold up my end of that “face melting guitar hero onslaught” as promised!”

So, for sure it will be one awesome tour for us and Omnium Gatherum, starting from Heavy Montreal on Aug 9th. See you guys soon!!”