Ex-The Paramedic drummer Tony Hovater has decided to run for city council in New Carlisle, OH this fall. He is running for the Traditional Workers Party, which stem from the defunct White Student Union. They have been labeled a hate group due to their controversial beliefs, particularly toward Jews.

The groups leader, Matthew Heimbach, claims to not be racist but, he does support the dubious ideals of segregating cities, etc. to the dominant racial majority, among other questionable viewpoints.

The Paramedic have shut down any shared ideological association with Tony Hovater: “How can we be a white supremacist band when our vocalist isn’t white? Don’t feed into the bullshit. Some companies just have to stoop that low to get people to click on their stories. It’s a shame, really. There is so much going on in music that won’t get covered. There are so many amazing bands that deserve attention for all the right reasons. And no one will ever know, because these music “news” magazines are too busy trying to shit on hard working bands just to get people to buy their new issue. We’re just going to say what’s up to our haters real quick and keep making music for the fans to love”