Iron Reagan have teamed with Strangeways Brewing for their Just Say Go beer. The beer will get a release show in Richmond, VA on September 27 with Valient Thorr performing. The official details: “JUST SAY GO BELGIAN BLACK TRIPEL
8.4% ABV~17 IBU

When Hardcore Punk Metal band Iron Reagan and Strangeways Brewing got to collaborating, two core ideas were immediately at war: wanting to brew a favorite style, the Belgian Tripel, while at the same time desiring to make a dark-as-night ale to pay homage to metal music. Peace was partially restored when we realized we could brew a Belgian Black Tripel. Jelly beans were added to enhance the insanity while at the same time keeping with the essence of the band’s name. Finally, months of aging in oak barrels bring it all back to earth. Now…don’t be a Nancy, and Just Say Go!”