On Oct 23, The Ocean and Mono will be joining forces for a split EP dubbed Transcendental. The Ocean offer a 13 min song titled “The Quiet Observer” while Mono gives an 11 min song “Death In Reverse”. See the cover art below. Says The Ocean: “It was inspired by Gaspard Noe’s controversial movie “Enter The Void“, the story of a drug dealer getting shot while tripping on DMT, and entering what is referred to as the “intermediate state” according to the Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book Of The Dead. The book describes a state immediately after a person’s death, when the intellect of the dead person must face its own illusions, in the form of peaceful and wrathful deities, in a protracted psychedelic experience. Only if it manages to expose these horrifying guises as products of its own imagination, can it escape the eternal cycle of rebirth. Noe leaves it open as to whether protagonist Oscar’s death and the following metaphysical experience are actually happening – or whether the guy is simply tripping…”