Cult Of Luna has collaborated with Julie Christmas (ex-Made Out Of Babies/Battle Of Mice, etc.) on a new album dubbed Mariner. It will be out April 8. Cult Of Luna states: “At the end of Vertikal, we stood in the cold harshness of the mechanical city and looked up onto the stars.
We lost ourselves in the awe of their grace and thought that “maybe the answer is to be found above”.
The ship was leaking and by to look of it, our home was dying. No room for fear when a greater call demands your full attention. So, we left…
Onward, forward. Like the old seafarers, we explored the vastness of space.
Not bound by physical laws we pass the speed of light and chase the expansion of space until we reach it’s limit.
And then, we continued on and disappeared.
This is our story.”