On May 27, Withered will release their new album Grief Relic via Season Of Mist. Check out the cover art (created by Paul Romano) and the track listing below. Guitarist/vocalist Mike Thompson comments: “Having been 5 years since our last release, we felt the need to do something very intentional with Grief Relic. You know that sense of timelessness you get when you go back and listen to some 20 year old metal record and it’s just as relevant now as it ever was? It’s not really about nostalgia and definitely not about rehashing anything. Just the need to continue carving out a sonic identity like the great bands of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

We focused on song arrangements and an album structure that would offer a real emotional experience and, of course, we loaded every song with a lot of typical Withered twists and turns. It’s progress for the sake of progress without abandoning our identity. ‘Husk’ was the first song we wrote for this album and it does a pretty good job of highlighting the kind of style traversing that can be expected from Grief Relic.”

Grief Relic Track Listing:
01. Leathery Rind
02. A Realm Of Suffering
03. Withdraw
04. Feeble Gasp
05. Husk
06. Downward
07. Distort, Engulf
08. To Glimpse Godliness