August 4-7
Philadelphia, PA

Daily Line Up:
Thursday, August 04th:
Youth Of Today, Burn, Code Orange, Down To Nothing, World Be Free, Protester, Done Dying, Free, Line Of Sight, Stand Off

Friday, August 05th:
Integrity, Ringworm, Nails, Iron Reagan, Haymaker, Full Of Hell, Eternal Sleep, Year Of The Knife, Iron Price

Saturday, August 06th:
Gorilla Biscuits, Terror, Killing Time, The Trouble, Wisdom In Chains, Most Precious Blood, Power Trip, Incendiary, Criminal Instinct, Lifeless, Rude Awakening, Strength For A Reason, Malice In The Palice, Red Death, Hellweed, Absolute Suffering, No Zodiac, Ten Ton Hammer

Sunday, August 07th:
Turning Point (a tribute to Frank “Skip” Candelori) (feat. Tim Mcmahon of Mouthpiece & more), Floorpunch, Breakdown, Ruiner, Strife, All Else Failed, Zao, Angel Du$t, Freedom, Naysayer, Blistered, True Love, Jesus Piece, Break Away, Timebomb, Jagged Visions