On July 8, Deadlock will release their new album, Hybris, which debuts their new vocalist, Margie Gerlitz. The new album will be out via Napalm Records and will contain not only new music but a 90 minute DVD chronicling the albums creation. See the cover art and track listing below.

Guitarist Sebastian Reichl: “‘Hybris‘ is both powerlessness and hope, melancholia and confidence united, accounting for the past in the truest sense. The effort to meet your demons, to forgive and to find salvation with your own history. The release of dammed aggressions and wash away all fears. Put all wrath and anger in music and lyrics to fill with new passion. This is all what ‘Hybris‘ symbolizes and you can feel it every second on the album. It was our longest trip. Giving up was never an option.”
The track listing and cover art for the release can be found below. A 90-minute DVD chronicling the album’s conception—from writing to recording—will come with select editions of the album.

Hybris Track Listing:
01. Epitaph
02. Carbonman
03. Berserk
04. Blood Ghost
05. Hybris
06. Wrath / Salvation
07. Backstory Wound
08. Ein Deutsches Requiem
09. Vergebung
10. Welcome Deathrow
11. Uncivil Hands (bonus track)
12. Fight Song (bonus track)