On Aug 19, A Day To Remember will release their new album, Bad Vibrations via ADTR Records/Epitaph Records. The album was recorded by Bill Stevens and Jason Livermore. Andy Wallace took on the mixint duties. Comments frontman Jeremy McKinnon: “We completely changed the way we wrote, recorded and mixed this album. It was one of the most unique recording experiences we’ve ever had. We rented a cabin in the mountains 30 minutes outside of town and just wrote together in a room, which was the polar opposite of the last three albums we’ve made. And working with Bill was an awesome experience. He was a bit hard to read at first, so I think we subconsciously pushed ourselves harder to try to impress him. As a result, we gave this album everything we had.”

Bad Vibrations Track listing:
01 – “Bad Vibrations”
02 – “Paranoia”
03 – “Naivety”
04 – “Exposed”
05 – “Bullfight”
06 – “Reassemble”
07 – “Justified”
08 – “We Got This”
09 – “Same About You”
10 – “Turn Off The Radio”
11 – “Forgive And Forget”
12 – “Negative Space” (deluxe edition only)
13 – “In Florida” (deluxe edition only)