Song: Leather Feather
Band: Vanna
Label: Pure Noise Records
Album: All Hell
Release Date: July 8, 2016
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Frontman Davey Muise: “Ever had anyone mistake your kindness for weakness? Like that fact that you’re happy somehow makes you soft. See, when you find something or someone that changes you, that makes you better, you hold onto it at all cost. You’d die for it, kill for it. ‘Leather Feather’ is exactly that. It’s a warning to all the people that try to come in between you and happiness because they think your weak. But you’re not; you’re stronger then ever because of that something you have. This song is letting go of all that dead weight that wants to drag you to its lifeless level. So to the leeches, the snakes, the rotten: I dare you to to take what I got, ’cause I got something I’d kill to keep.”