The previous crowdfunded project of songs will now be released to retail on CD/vinyl as Pacific Myth. The collection will be out Nov 18 via Razor & Tie. Says Protest The Hero: “‘Pacific Myth‘ was purely an experiment. Normally, we take as much time as we need to write records – lots of which is spent procrastinating. With ‘Pacific Myth‘, we didn’t have that luxury – we promised to release 1 song per month on the 15th of each month for 6 months running. What we discovered in writing these tunes was the fact that strict deadlines (even if self-imposed) do not allow for over-thinking – something we are incredibly guilty of on our four existing full length albums. Surprisingly, the constricting time frame lead to some risks in writing we wouldn’t have normally taken – or at least some risks we would normally have had the time to identify as “too risky” and then re-worked until we felt safe again. For this reason, it’s a totally “go-with-your-gut” record and one we are extremely proud of.”

Pacific Myth Track Listing:
01 – “Tidal”
02 – “Ragged Tooth”
03 – “Cold Water”
04 – “Cataract”
05 – “Harbinger”
06 – “Caravan”
07 – “Tidal” (instrumental)
08 – “Ragged Tooth” (instrumental)
09 – “Cold Water” (instrumental)
10 – “Cataract” (instrumental)
11 – “Harbinger” (instrumental)
12 – “Caravan” (instrumental)