Funko will be hitting collectors hard for the end of 2016 with some killer classic X-Men lines. First off they have officially announced the new Pop! line which was originally seen on the back of the 2016 New York Comic Con Limited Edition Kitty Pride (Cable, Archangel, Quicksilver, Psylocke, Sabertooth and Storm (mohawk)). Next they will have a Magneto bobble head keychain which is pretty cute I must say.

Also they will be releasing a Dorbz line featuring Cable, Cyclops, Emma Frost (2 types), Dark Phoenix, Storm, Psylocke and Sabertooth. After all that they will also have a Mystery Minis line. Everything I have announced till now will be out in November but, top top everything off, Funko has 1 more item for all X-Men fans to collect. In December a Beast Blackbird Jet Dorbz Ride will be out. All of these can be seen below.


Pop! Keychain


Mystery Minis

Dorbz Ridez