Hopesfall have reunited and signed to Graphic Nature Records/Equal Vision Records where they will put out their follow up to Magnetic North (2007). In January they will work with producer Mike Watts for this new effort. Comments guitarist Josh Brigham: “We are super grateful to Graphic Nature/Equal Vision Records for giving us an opportunity to make some music. We’ve always been EVR fans, they signed a lot of bands that were huge influences on us. In addition to that, a lot of our friends in bands who have worked with EVR had nothing but high praise for them, so their reputation as being quality people made it a pretty easy decision.

The motivation for making this new album comes from a genuine desire to remain creative by continuing to write and play music together again. We won’t lie, between having jobs, relationships, kids, and other responsibilities, it can be tough to make time to play, but as long as we feel like we still have something good to offer, we will find a balance.”

While in the studio, Hopesfall will have their back catalog reissued on new coloured vinyl pressings. Here are the details below along with the band line up:

Line Up:
Vocals: Jay Forrest
Guitars: Josh Brigham
Guitars: Dustin Nadler
Bass: Chad Waldrup
Drums: Adam Morgan

The Satellite Years – Custom Blue and Clear Color in Color Vinyl
A Types – Custom Orange and Red Color in Color Vinyl
Magnetic North – Custom Orange and Purple Color In Color Vinyl
DMM Mastered for Higher Quality Audio

The Satellite Years Track Listing:
1. Andromeda 2:48
2. Waitress 3:50
3. Dead in Magazines 3:31
4. Dana Walker 5:15
5. Decoys Like Curves 4:15
6. A Man Exits 3:40
7. Redshift 1:54
8. Only the Clouds 4:44
9. Escape Pod for Intangibles 2:28
10. The Bending 6:41

A Types Track Listing:
1. It Happens 4:13
2. Start and Pause 3:06
3. Icarus 4:19
4. Breathe From Coma 4:38
5. The Champion Beyond Blessing 3:39
6. The Ones 4:40
7. Manipulate the Eclipse 4:39
8. Matchmaker’s Haven 3:28
9. Owl 3:44
10. Per Sempre Marciamo 5:46

Magnetic North Track Listing:
1. Rx Contender The Pretender 4:40
2. Swamp Kittens 5:14
3. Cubic Zirkonias are Forever 4:00
4. I Can Do This on an Island 1:18
5. Secondhand Surgery 4:31
6. VacationAddVacation! 3:42
7. Magnetic North 1:54
8. Saskatchewan 5:29 – BONUS TRACK
9. East of 1989; Battle of the Bay 4:36
10. Bird Flu 4:22
11. The Canon 1:03
12. Devil’s Concubine 4:53
13. Head General Hospital 5:58
14. Paisley 6:24
15. The Unnamed Demo 4:04 – BONUS TRACK