On April 21, Withered will release their live Blu-Ray/DVD, Live In Torment, via Season Of Mist. The 2 discs will contain their live show at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA on Aug 26, 2011. Their will also be: “A full discography with album medley and stats, and 2 play through videos of the original demos for ‘Distort, Engulf’ and ‘My Leathery Rind’.”

Live In Torment Track Listing:
01 – “Seek The Shrouded”
02 – “The Progenitor’s Grasp”
03 – “Extinguished With The Weary”
04 – “…The Fated Breath”
05 – “Purification Of Ignorance”
06 – “Silent Grave”
07 – “Among Sorrow”