On June 2, SikTh will release their new album The Future In Whose Eyes? via Millennium Night. You can hear the new song “Vivid” underneath the cover art/track listing. Vocalist Mikee W Goodman said of this latest track: “Lyrically, it is inspired by traumatic dreaming. The verses talk from perspective of being in the actual dream, where the choruses are in despair from an awoken perspective. The song itself has a lot of elements of both tradition and new SikTh.”

The Future In Whose Eyes? Track Listing:
01 – “Vivid”
02 – “Century Of The Narcissist?”
03 – “The Aura”
04 – “The Ship Has Sailed”
05 – “Weavers Of Woe”
06 – “Cracks Of Light” (feat. Spencer Sotelo)
07 – “Golden Cufflinks” (feat. Spencer Sotelo)
08 – “The Moon’s Been Gone For Hours”
09 – “Riddles Of Humanity”
10 – “No Wishbones”
11 – “Ride The Illusion”
12 – “When It Rains”