On Aug 4, Marty Friedman will release his new album, Wall Of Sound (Prosthetic Records) which had Friedman overseeing the production, while Paul Fig (Alice In Chains, Ghost) engineered. The album was mixed by Jens Bogren (Amon Amarth, Opeth) except 2 songs (“Streetlight” & “For A Friend“) which were done by Mack (Queen). Friedman comments: “It’s a challenge to evolve album after album, especially on your 13th solo album. Not only as a songwriter but it is imperative to do new things on my instrument as well. Luckily this is a challenge that I love. You will find this hard to believe when you hear the density and sheer amount of guitar coming at you from all directions, but in fact all of the final guitar tracks on ‘Wall Of Sound‘ were done in 9 days.

This furious and productive pace was made possible by over a year of making demo after demo and spending more time listening and living with the music rather than just playing it. I had lived with the songs for so long and edited and re-cut them so many times, that by the time I got to the actual recording studio, it was like I had been playing the whole album on tour for a year already. I learned to do this from making ‘Inferno‘.

This is why a lot of artists’ debut albums are so strong-because they have had so much time to reflect on and fix the music, and also more importantly, attach real life experiences to the songs. I feel like I have a debut album here.”

Wall of Sound Track Listing:
01 – “Self Pollution”
02 – “Sorrow And Madness” (feat. Jinxx of Black Veil Brides)
03 – “Streetlight”
04 – “Whiteworm”
05 – “For A Friend”
06 – “Pussy Ghost” (feat. Shiv Mehra of Deafheaven)
07 – “The Blackest Rose”
08 – “Something To Fight” (feat. Jørgen Munkeby of Shining)
09 – “The Soldier”
10 – “Miracle”
11 – “Last Lament”