On July 28, Rings Of Saturn will release their new album, Ultu Ulla via Nuclear Blast Records. The name means “Time Immemorial” in Sumerian Cuneiform and this albumis the fourth installment of their story as said in their press release: “The album name, Ultu Ulla, means “Time Immemorial” in Sumerian Cuneiform. Ultu Ulla is the fourth installment of the Rings of Saturn story where the aliens who battled and conquered the gods and demons of the Lugal Ki En album, transcend space and time to accidentally uncover an ancient incomprehensible entity that threatens the very fabric of universal existence. The entity can be seen emerging from the center of the album art.”

Ultu Ulla Track Listing:
01 – Servant Of This Sentience”
02 – Parallel Shift”
03 – Unhallowed”
04 – Immemorial Essence”
05 – The Relic”
06 – Margidda”
07 – Harvest”
08 – The Macrocosm”
09 – Prognosis Confirmed”
10 – Inadequate”