Vattnet Viskar has shorted their name to Vattnet and also shorted their line-up with vocalist/guitarist Nick Thornbury leaving the fold. Stepping up will be bassist Casey Aylward. You can hear this on the new song “Dark Black” (below) which will appear on an upcoming album via New Damage Records. Says Aylward: “This is definitely the first riff that kicked off the record and solidified the direction that we knew we wanted to aim for going forward. As for lyrics, it’s about people in your life that consistently let you down, the people around them down, and of course themselves down.

There’s a point where there is really no helping them because you realize that ultimately their freedom of choice will supersede anything you could do for them, and even if you cut them out of your life, you and others can still be collateral damage. It can be a dark thing to completely give up on humans or to be given up on. The title is an attempt to add a futile amount of humor to the subject, dark comedy if you will, dark black. Macabre.”