On Sept 22, Counterparts will release their new album, You’re Not You Anymore via Pure Noise Records. Check out the new video “Bouquet” along with the track listing and cover art below. Comments vocalist Brendan Murphy on the album: “YNYA is the perfect blend of every record we’ve released prior. I feel like we did a great job at capturing the best parts of Counterparts. Not to sound like a broken record, but these are definitely the coolest songs we’ve ever written. I really do hope you enjoy it. If not, I’m sorry and I guess we’ll try harder next time.”

You’re Not You Anymore Track Listing:
01 – “Walk Away Slowly”
02 – “Bouquet”
03 – “Arms Like Teeth”
04 – “No Servant Of Mine”
05 – “Haunt Me”
06 – “Swim Beneath My Skin”
07 – “Thieves”
08 – “Rope”
09 – “A Memory Misread”
10 – “Fragile Limbs”
11 – “You’re Not You Anymore”