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Funko Pop! at Michael’s

Michael’s Arts & Crafts are now carrying a few Funko Pop!’s. They have the Finding Dory and The Secret Life Of Pets sets right now in stores. They even have a few of the mystery minis in some stores near cash. Check them out and buy them before they run out. Continue reading

Make Market

Do you like cork, galvanized metal, burlap, denim or chalkboard? If so, you may be interested in Michaels new line MAKE Market. They have decor, canvas, bottles, frames, containers and more that will fit your arts and crafts needs. Continue reading

Recollections™ has released their own selfie sticks at Michael’s. They should be either at the cash registers or in their scrap booking section. These will make for wonder gifts for the photographers in your life.

Kinetic Sand

Want to give your kids hours of fun? Get them some wacky Kinetic Sand which will get them molding for hours. All you need is a box of kinetic sand and then your kid can get their hands into the grains creating structures. Just make sure you keep the play area clean with the sand box. Continue reading

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