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Within the last year, over 100 Funko’s have been purchased and displayed in our little office. Because of this and loving to be a collector, I have joined a tracker to let me know what is owned and how much the collection is worth. Now I am happy to let you readers see what we populate the office with HERE. Hopefully I will get some time to take a few pictures soon. Continue reading

I have just discovered this really cool site called Discogs ( which lets you catalog your albums online. It will even give you an estimate on how much your collection is worth, a place to buy & sell and much more. Continue reading

This is not news but, I wanted to let you know that Christian label Come&Live! have all their albums for free download. They have rock, ambient, metal and indie rock bands on their roster. Continue reading


Hey readers, This site has just became a little bit cooler as I have opened up an Instagram (@cheekhth). I will post photos from my daily life which you can believe will have lots of music stuff. So become a follower and check out some photos from my life.

Along with updating this website, I also work for Michaels the arts & crafts store. This week, the location I work at just got a box full of cheap DVDs such as The Cosby Show, Married With Children and more. Hit up your local Michaels for some art supplies and DVDs. Continue reading

Bored? Turn on an episode of Trailer Park Boys and play the drinking game. See below for instructions. Continue reading

It is the 147th Birthday for Canada today which means fireworks, beer, burgers and great tunes. Today is the day we should be checkout out some of the countries best music. Below are a list of some of the bands I plan on listening to today:

The Agonist/Arise And Ruin/Baptized In Blood/Breaking The Fourth Wall/Buried Inside/Burning The Day/The Daisy Anthesis/Derelict/Devin Townsend/The End/Endast/Exes For Eyes/Fuck The Facts/I Hate Sally/Immersed/Into Eternity/Ion Dissonance/Last Call Chernobyl/Moneen/Odium/Orchid’s Curse/Our Lady Peace/Protest The Hero/Raine Maida/Rosesdead/Social Code

Some of these bands have music videos, song streams and album stream on this site. Go seek them out.

Here at CD’s are loved and we like to home all the discs with amazing music. Today at HMV I purchased 5 great metal albums that were $10 each. See the list below.

Abigail Williams: Legend (Candlelight Records)
Buried Inside: Chronoclast (Relapse Records) [Stream entire album]
Burst: Origo (Relapse Records)
The Dillinger Escape Plan: Ire Works (Relapse Records)
Fuck The Facts: Disgorge Mexico (Relapse Records)

Kicking off 2014, we were swarmed by a number of new TV series of all types. We saw new dramas, action, sci-fi and comedies. One of these hilarious shows is Fox’s Enlisted which premiered January 10th. The series follows 3 brothers Sergeant Pete Hill (Geoff Continue reading

I have just gotten into the ABC Family series GRΣΣK which lasted 4 season. The show follows a nerd by the name of Rusty Cartwright (Jacob Zachar) who joins Kappa Tau. Through the series we get to follow him as he struggles through Continue reading

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