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The new 20th Anniversary Live In Berlin box set by Boysetsfire will be delayed a week. It will now be out Nov 18 since their are some minor complications with the packing. Says the band: “Hello friends! Continue reading

Bring me The Horizon’s new live DVD Live At Wembley has been delayed. Check back for a new release date. Continue reading

Shitty news. Faith No More’s vinyl release of Sol Invictus in the US has been delayed after the group were unhappy with the mixes. Says Billy Gould: “Hey Guys, Billy here, I wanted to give you an update personally: Continue reading

Incubus’ new EP Trust Fall (Side A) has been delayed from a March 24 to May 12 release. The reasoning behind the delay is the group were not happy with the recordings and wanted to revise them. My expectations just got higher. Continue reading

Shitty news, Earth Crisis new album Salvation Of Innocents has been delayed in the U.S.. Because of distribution issues, the album will bow be out March 18th instead of March 4th. Don’t worry Europe you are safe and on track to get your EC fix in time.

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Five Finger Death Punch fans better know how to wait as their new album, The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 1, will be delayed by a week (July 30th).

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The vocalist of Lamb Of God, Randy Blythe will have his trial postponed till March 4th due to a key witness being sick. Randy will be returning to the U.S. this week.

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Why the big delay Terror? “A lot of people have been leaving comments or asking us when Live By The Code is coming out. We want this record out too, believe me. The record is done. It’s been done for a long time now. The layout is done. Everything is Continue reading

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