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Decapitated are in a legal dispute with Earache Records which caused their albums to be pulled from streaming services. Here is a statement about this issue: “Decapitated advises that they have resolved to Continue reading

Under their own Blackened Recordings, Metallica has remastered their entire catalog for iTunes. Go download it ASAP. Continue reading

It’s sad to hear my favorite Canadian East Coast label Diminished Fifth Records is shutting down. I’ve had the privileged of interviewing/reviewing some of there bands such as Last Call Chernobyl, Orchid’s Curse, Death Valley Continue reading

All great things must come to an end! One of Montreal’s most iconic DIY metal bands, Endast have called it quits! Since their birth in 2004, the band’s career has spawned four albums (The Promise EP (2005), Odds Against Tomorrow (2006), Black Cloud (2011), Thrive (2014), a DVD release Where I Belong (2012), 600,000 kms for over 1300 gigs, countless tours across Canada and the USA that included festival appearances at Heavy MTL & TO and not to mention the many notable bands Endast bled the stage with. Continue reading

Video: Audiobiography
Band: Slipknot
Label: Roadrunner Records
Band Page

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All of Emperor’s music will be released in a vinyl box set by Blood Music. Says the label: “Blood Music is extremely, incredibly proud to announce the greatest extreme metal band of all-time to its roster – Emperor official!

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Over the years, Dream Theater has released a long list of amazing albums. Now Roadrunner Records has rights to all the albums and will be releasing them as a box set dubbed The Studio Albums 1992-2011. It will be out July 8th. See the albums in the box set below.

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Alexisonfire will be doing a second pressing of their vinyl discography box set. Says the band: “We are doing a 2nd Edition of the AOF box set. Continue reading

You know your music is awesome when it gets put on cassette these days. Nachtmsytium has partnered up with I.K. Productions to re-release their entire discography on limited edition cassette tapes. Each album will be limited to 100 copies.

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Black Sabbath has decided to join the digital age with entering their first 8 albums into iTunes. Each album has been remastered for iTunes fans listening needs. Go buy the historic music.

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