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On December 16, the original and uncut Bleach: Set 23 will be out in stores via VIZ Media. The 2 disc set will contain episodes 317-329. See the cover art below. Continue reading

The comedic anime series Yamada’s First Time: B Gata H Kei will be gaining the honor of the S.A.V.E. on Nov 4th. The set will contain both a Blu-Ray and DVD copy of the series (4 discs). See the cover below. Continue reading

On Nov 4, Reno 911: The Complete Series DVD box set will be out in stores. It will be 14 discs long and contain all 6 seasons (88 episodes) of crappy cop footage. Continue reading

Rating: 7/10
Company: Anime Works
Date: 2008
Format: DVD
Have you ever thought about what other intelligent life lives in this galaxy of ours? It seems we have a vast species that are far superior to us humans. They have better technology, understanding of what’s going on and their scientists have uncovered more truths about the universe. This means cooler weapons and faster space ships that can lead to one of the most badass things a kid would want to be. What if I told you there are space pirates soaring our galaxy? Oh yes, it is true, there are pirates and the most dangerous one is…. Space Pirate Mito.

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The Good Wife: The Forth Season
will be out on on DVD August 20th via Paramount Pictures. It will contain 22 episodes on 6 discs. See the cover art so you know what to look for in stores.

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