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The 32 year old ex-After The Burial guitarist Justin Lowe has been found dead. After being declared missing, the mentally ill man was found by a hiker beneath the Arcola High Bridge near Somerset, Wisconsin. Authorities state Continue reading

With a vacancy in bass, ex member Brandon Griffin has returned to The Faceless. He has layed down the rhythm for the new album titled In Becoming A Ghost. Guitarist Michael Keene states: “I am so extremely excited to announce Continue reading

Ex-Rings Of Saturn guitarist, Joel Omans, has taken to Facebook to speak how he feels about ex-bandmate Lucas Mann: “So there’s been quite a bit of vagueness to the real reason why I quit Rings of Saturn and It’s been eating Continue reading

Video: Salt The Wound [Lyric Video]
Band: Exodus
Featuring: Kirk Hammet (Metallica)
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Album: Blood In Blood Out
Release Date: Oct 14, 2014
Band Page

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Death Ray Vision

Hometown: Massachusetts
Genre: Metal
Label: Bullet Tooth
Sites: Official.Facebook.Twitter

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