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When approaching this record, we’d decided on a somewhat southern-rock, garage-y, understated vision in terms of production. Too many alt-rock records these days suffer from sounding too shiny, too polished, too precise. We wanted the squeaks and the crackles. Tom Mitchener was more than capable of helming this vision, being a fan of a lot of records that we admired stylistically and where we felt we sat most comfortable and ultimately, like some of us, was not a metaller but an indie kid at heart. As such we set ourselves strict guidelines in order to keep the record sounding organic, honest and real, and not stripped of all soul: No click track or beat matching; Continue reading


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UK based independent label A Wolf At Your Door Records, the label responsible for the breakthrough albums from hotly tipped next-big-things Deaf Havana and Lower Than Atlantis, and current home of next-generation names Mallory Knox and Hildamay, have revealed the latest addition to their remarkable Continue reading

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