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Black Sabbath have an end in sight. Ozzy Osbourne told Metal Hammer about BS plans to make 1 more album and a final tour. He says: “The whole Sabbath experience this time around was great. We all made friends, we didn’t fuck around, we all knew that we had a job Continue reading

Video: Stranger Ways
Band: Anberlin
Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Album: Lowborn
Release Date: July 22, 2014
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The World We Left Behind is Nachtmystium’s swansong, the final chapter in a tumultuous, controversial and always provoking history. A black metal memorial, oozing of desperation, gloom and depravity. The nine song album is set for release on August 5th in Continue reading

Anberlin has decided to make 2014 the last year of the band. In this year they have signed with their original label Tooth & Nail to release their 7th studio album Lowborn (June 23). To support this, Anberlin will be doing a final world tour/ Warped Tour (see Continue reading

Today, Nachtmystium are mastering their farewell album The World We Left Behind. This is planned to be released June 10th via Century Media Records.


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Nachtmystium has entered Belle City Sound in Racine, WI to put the final touches on their final album The World We Left Behind. Says the band: “Nachtmystium re-enter the studio tomorrow to finish the final album, “The World We Left Behind“ Continue reading

Otep’s final album Hydra is out. Hydra takes listeners on a fantastical, demonic ride through the mind of a girl who has been cast aside, set on vengeance against the world that has forgotten her. Seducing your ears with every aspect of the vocal spectrum, Continue reading

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The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza has announced that they will be releasing their final album Danza IIII: The Alpha – The Omega on October 23rd via Black Market Activities.

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