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Rating: 6/10

Is your name Matilda? If so, WATCH OUT! Vancouver, BC rockers Kill Matilda want to murder you with their music. KM released their self-titled EP which features 6 tracks of grungy rock with a gothy twist. The music is simply raw and aggressive as vocalist Dusty Exner switches from singing to the occasional screaming. This EP was an essential part of Kill Matilda’s growth, as Continue reading

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Herr Nox: “There comes a time…when you have to say farewell to a huge part of your life. Unfortunately, this time is now for me. My health does not allow me to perform at the level I once did anymore, and I don’t want to be the shadow of my former self on Continue reading


Hometown: New York, NY
Genre: Rock
Label: Wind-Up Records
Sites: Official.Facebook.Twitter

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Kill Matilda

Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Genre: Rock
Label: Little Heart Records
Sites: Facebook

Zombie Apocalypse [Lyric Video]
Already Dead [Song Stream]
Kill Matilda [EP] [Album Review]
Zombie Apocalypse [Song Stream]

Music Videos:
Needle & Thread
I Want Revenge
Law Abiding Citizen
She’s A Killer
Fault Lines
Album Review:


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