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On Jan 1, 2015, season 1 of Enlisted will be released on DVD. It will be a 2 disc set that contains all 13 episodes. See the cover art below. Continue reading

Rating: 9.6/10
Company: HBO
Date: March 19, 2002
Format: DVD
Imagine spending your days locked up in a prison where you see the same sadistic people 24/7. Welcome to Oswald State Correctional Facility or Oz in short. The fictional level 4 maximum-security prison houses many of the state’s most dangerous criminals. As the famed movie The Wizard Of Oz says, “There’s no place like home”, the inmates also feel that “IT’S no place like home”. As viewers we encounter Emerald City, a part of Oz, run by Tim McManus who pushes for rehabilitation/ learning responsibility, rather than carrying out purely punitive measures. Continue reading

New FX series Fargo will have season 1 released on DVD October 14. The 4 disc set will contain all 10 episodes. Continue reading

NBC TV comedy About A Boy will be releasing season 1 on DVD Sept 16. The 2 disc set will contain all 13 episodes. Continue reading


Greg Garcia’s latest comedy, The Millers will be receiving the DVD treatment thanks to Paramount. The 3 disc set will be out Aug 19 and will contain all 23 episodes. Continue reading

Video: About A Boy [Commercial]
Show: About A Boy
Company: NBC

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After 1 season, The Michael J. Fox Show has been cancelled by NBC. The show ran for 15 episodes in North America while Australia got all 22 episodes. Hopefully the remaining 7 episodes will air in North America.

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Fox Cancels Dads

After one season, Fox has decided to cancel the comedy sitcom Dads. This series sits at 18 episodes which I thought were funny.

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Video: Season 1 [Rapid Recap]
Show: My Boys
Company: TBS
DVD: My Boys: The Complete First Season

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This years short drama series Resurrection will be out on DVD June 10th from ABC Studios. Resurrection: The Complete First Season will contain all 8 episodes of season 1.

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