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Otep Shamaya has decided to back out of their co-headliner tour with Ill Nino due to Terror Universal frontman (Rott) allegedly trying to molest her during a meet and greet. Says Otep on the situation: “Before the rumor mill Continue reading

The hilarious The Dean Blundell Show has been suspended indefinitely by Corus Radio. This happened right after host Dean Blundell and producer Derek Welsman came under fire after making fun of a sexual assault trial Welsman was head juror on. The gay jokes Continue reading

Ian Watkins (ex-Lostprophets) plead guilty yesterday at his trial in Cardiff, UK. He plead for his 13 sexual offenses admitting that he has conspired and sexually assaulted children under the age of 13. He also aided and abetted a woman to Continue reading

Ian Watkins (Ex-Lostprophets) trial for the child sex charges continues as he and 2 women appeared in court on Nov 25th. Today (Nov 26th), jurors for the trail will be selected from a 22 people panel at Cardiff Crown Court. These potential jurors have Continue reading

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