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The Black Dahlia Murder (Nocturnal in it’s entirety)/Dying Fetus/The Faceless/Oceano/Slaughter To Prevail/Origin/Rings Of Saturn/Betraying The Martyrs/Lorna Shore/AngelMaker

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Due to some Visa issues, Obscura have been forced to drop off this year’s Summer Slaughter Tour. Says vocalist/guitarist Steffen Kummerer: “Obscura won’t be able to participate in this year’s Summer Slaughter due to Continue reading

Just last week, After The Burial guitarist Justin Lowe was found dead. The band have decided to cancel their Summer Slaughter Tour appearance because of this. Says the band on Lowe: “In the wake of our loss, it comes with Continue reading

On this Summer Slaughter Tour, Obscura will be missing drummer Sebastian Lanser. Taking over will be ex-The Faceless drummer Alex Rudinger to fill-in. Statement issued: “Regrettably, we are unable to perform at Progstage Continue reading

Cattle Decapitation/Beyond Creation

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Get excited folks, Cattle Decapitation have been hinted both by the band and tour to be on this years Summer Slaughter Tour. Also hinted are Arch Enemy, Obscura, The Black Dahlia Murder and Lock Up. Continue reading

As the summer gets closer, we are all excited to see who will be on the bills of this years festivals/tours. Rumored for this years Summer Slaughter Tour is Arch Enemy. Continue reading

Guitarist Michael Keene of The Faceless took part in a Twitter Q&A for this years Summer Slaughter Tour. On this online event, he told fans that Nico Santora (Suicidal Tendencies, From The Throne) will be taking over the vacant spot left by Wes Hauch. Make sure you Continue reading

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If you noticed this years Summer Slaughter Tour dates, the Canadian dates seemed to be missing. Don’t worry, Eastern and Western Canadian dates are being planned as well as Seattle.

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