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Decapitated/Black Breath/Theories

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Goatwhore/Ringworm/Black Breath/Theories

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On Jan 7 at 13th Frame, a 30 year old man, Adam Merrill, slashed another concertgoer in the neck with a knife. Soon after the crowd knocked out Merrill. The slashed victim was taken to the hospital luckily with non-life threatening Continue reading

Cattle Decapitation/Theories

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Napalm Death/Voivod/Exhumed/Iron Reagan/Black Crown Initiate

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Dark Angel, Triptykon, Inquisition, Cripple Bastards, Antisect, Sourvein, Left For Dead, Victims, Black Breath, Goat Torment, Capitalist Casualties, The Secret, Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Internal Rot, Maruta, Putrisect, Enabler and Endorphins Lost have been added to Continue reading

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