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Frontman Tyson Stevens (Coma Prevail/ex-Scary Kids Scaring Kids) has reportedly died due to heroin. Says TMZ: “Stevens died Monday and the official cause of death is unknown. But law enforcement sources tell TMZ … there’s smoke. The girlfriend and mom Continue reading

A story has ran on TMZ stating that Scott Weiland (ex-Stone Temple Pilots) is currently in custody from stealing razors which then lead to finding meth on him. Weiland has fought against the report saying that its a lie and that TMZ will hear from his attorney. Continue reading

Real World Svetlana Shusterman hottie has hit Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd with a restraining order. Seems Boyd has been stalking her for years and has even recently told her he will kill her while on the freeway. He has also tracked where she lives, even though she moved.

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