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These days you can make a site about anything. Well now theirs a great new tumblr page dedicated to Katy Perry’s boobs. You read right. Check out the glorious page Continue reading

Song: Left Behind
Band: Friends With The Enemy
Band Page

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Animated Cover Arts

jbetcom on tumblr has created some animated .gif cover arts for groups such as Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Jimmy Eat World (seen above), No Use For A Name, The Offspring and many more. Check out a few below. Continue reading

Video: New America
Band: Bad Religion
Label: Atlantic Records / Epitaph Records
Album: The New America
Band Page

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Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has unveiled how he got his book deal with a Tumblr post titled “HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST BOOK DEAL (the very hard way)” which you can read the entire article below. His book Dark Days: My Tribulations And Continue reading

We has posted Schoolcraft’s cover of the Deftones hit “Change (In The House Of Flies)”. Check it out on our Blogger or our Tumblr pages.

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Hey everyone how are you liking the site? Anyways I would like to let all you readers know that we have created a Tumblr account that will get samples of all our articles posted on it. Id you have a Tumblr, please add it ( www.hailthehero1.tumblr.com ).

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Danny Worsnop, frontman of Asking Alexandria, has posted the first introductory pages from his upcoming autobiography Am I Insane? online (Tumblr). Read it below:

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