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Metal king Corey Taylor will be loaning his shout to Fisher King in the TV series Doctor Who. The alien warlord is a green hulk with horns protruding from his body. It seems Corey and the rest of the band are Whovian’s and when the Continue reading

The prince of darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, will be playing Sid Fishy on the Nickelodeon animation series Bubble Guppies. He will be the “rock and roll fish who loves being rotten.” and will try covering Big Bubble City with his stink sauce that is a mix of smelly socks and Continue reading

Blackguard are currently hard at work on their new album Storm (Victory Records). To make this album brutal they have invited 2 beautiful guests. The first guest is ex violinist Émilie Livernois who was with them back when they were called Profugus Mortis. The second guest is Continue reading

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